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Women’s Empowerment - Jordan - 12/03/2018
Anjara women’s cooperative society empowers rural women in Jordan

A group of Jordanian women, led by Sana Al Syouf, launched Anjara Women’s Cooperative Society to train and empower rural women to become active members in their society.

Jordanian Sana Al Syouf decided to devote her life to empowering women in rural areas with less access to opportunities that facilitate their participation in society.

In 2004, Al Syouf launched Anjara Women’s Cooperative Society with a group of women in Ajloun to support and train rural women to become active members in their communities. In a short period of time, the Society has succeeded in training and providing job opportunities to hundreds of rural women.

It trained women on paper recycling, and soap and perfume production using simple equipment to teach them new skills that prepare them for the workplace. Women also learned to tailor beads and design accessories as part of handicraft workshops.

The Society facilitates rural women’s participation in conferences and forums organized by local and international organizations, especially United Nations affiliates.

Anjara Women’s Cooperative Society is a modern example for positive and meaningful women empowerment experience that contributes to sustainable development.

Through hope and strong will, women can overcome obstacles and contribute to building prosperous, equitable and peaceful future for all.

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