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Relief and Aid - Bahrain - 12/03/2018
Bahraini paramedic gives new life to refugees and immigrants

Eager to save lives through his profession, Bahraini paramedic takes his day job to refugee camps and sporting events, training aspiring paramedics and providing medical help to people for free.

Hailing from Bahrain, Fahd Farhan knew he had something more to offer when he started his career as a paramedic in 2008.

He began providing free emergency medical services to people whose smiles encouraged him to go further.

In 2012, he formed a volunteering group of paramedics to provide first aid training to 6,000 volunteers looking to help save lives in emergencies.

Farhan then took his mission of hope to Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan where he trained and supported paramedics to ensure proper medical services to over 80,000 Syrians.

During the peak of the refugee crisis, Farhan rushed to the Eastern Mediterranean to save lives of thousands of migrants arriving on rubber boats after beating the wavy ocean on their escape from war to Europe. His emergency medical services helped give new life to many refugees who almost drowned on their way to a new life.

Adding a different facet to his humanitarian mission, Farhan made a presence during the Ironman triathlon in Dubai to provide emergency services to athletes subject to serious injuries.

Farhan has taken philanthropy as a way of life with the belief that giving is the door to happiness. In a world when small acts of kindness make a big difference, saving lives comes at an indispensable value.

Farhan planted hope in people hearts on his journey of selfless giving.

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