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Community Service - Morocco - 12/03/2018
Caravans carry hope to villages in Morocco

‘My Caravan’ initiative in Morocco organizes medical and charity campaigns to aid marginalized communities living in remote villages.

Eager to improve the quality of life in remote villages, Aziz Arkrak launched ‘My Caravan’ initiative in Morocco with a group of young volunteers to spread smiles and empower marginalized communities.

The medical and humanitarian caravans carry supplies, aid and social services to address different needs in Moroccan villages.

Young volunteers started the initiative with raising funds and collecting relief items ranging from clothes, warm blankets, food items, books, children’s stories, construction material to rebuild old homes, medicines and healthcare items among other donations.

Caravan volunteers then set out foot to help rebuild and redesign schools in villages in Morocco to provide a creative learning environment that reignites passion for education among children.

Attracting 70 volunteers on board, the initiative organized 23 charity events, among which three social and humanitarian caravans rolled out. It succeeded in instilling a culture of volunteering and community service among young people through its different awareness campaigns across different sites in Morocco.

In its second year, ‘My Caravan’ already started collecting aid to be transported to children and families in need living in remote villages.

Today, hundreds of families view the world in a better perspective, thanks to a group of young people who chose to look beyond themselves and devote time in making the world a better place without seeking personal gains.

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