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Inspiring Stories - Somalia - 12/03/2018
hamzi abdullah uses his disability to improve lives in somalia

After he lost his wife and son of special needs, Somali Hamzi Abdullah established a local non-profit organization to help integrate People of Determination in society.

The journey of hope started when Hamzi Ismail Abdullah, from Somaliland, had a car accident that left him paralyzed. Refusing to give up to the severe spinal cord injury that confined him to a wheelchair, Abdullah decided to transform his pain to a journey of helping others with similar hurdles.

Abdullah, since then, has dedicated his life to empowering People of Determination to become independent and efficient in their communities. Believing that people with disabilities are active contributors to society, his work focuses on equipping them with the necessary skills to ensure their equal participation and proper inclusion.

In 2011, he founded a local non-profit organization to improve education and healthcare services for people with disabilities and provide job opportunities. Located in Hargeisa, the organization also works to protect the special needs against any forms of discrimination.

Through his community development projects, Abdullah has so far provided free wheelchairs to people with disabilities. As part of the organization, he established a vocal training center to prepare people with disabilities for the workplace and a school for children with disabilities, besides holding regular sports events including wheelchairs races for adults and children.

Humanitarian work does not only leave a positive impact on communities, but the sense of giving also improves lives and well-being of people who devote themselves to giving. Their selfless work expands their horizons to further achievements.

Abdullah’s commitment to community services earned him several recognitions, including the University of Delaware’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders in 2015. A year later, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK granted him a Masters Scholarship at the University of Bristol.

While challenges can hinder growth, some people like Abdullah transform crises into opportunities that improve lives. He is a living proof that difficulties can be the spark of a new life filled with hope and inspiration.

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