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Inspiring Stories - Sudan - 07/03/2018
After Losing Wife and Son, Sudanese man builds center to empower children with disabilities

Samer Othman never expected he would lose everything he once held most dearly in his heart. In a dark year, he lost his wife and disabled son, who succumbed to his injuries three weeks after a fatal car accident in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

Determined to keep their spirit alive, Othman turned his immense pain of loss into rays of hope that brightens the path of other children with special needs.

He started sharing his experience through panel discussions and forums before reaching more people on social media platforms.

In two years, Othman gathered enough support from individuals and government institutions that enabled him to start ‘Amira Karar charitable organization’ for children with mental disabilities in 2006, in the loving memory of his wife and son.

He also launched a road safety awareness campaign to help reduce road fatalities and ensure accident-free roads. Today, he devotes his time to managing both initiatives in collaboration with volunteers and local and international entities.

Realizing the commercial nature of centers for children with special needs, Othman felt the need to improve services to enable proper rehabilitation of children with disabilities and bolster their inclusion in society.

Through the organization, he launches programs and coordinates with relevant centers to ensure eligibility of caregivers and staff to meet the psychological and medical needs of children with disabilities.

Othman succeeded in bringing the Sudanese government’s attention to the challenges facing People of Determination. In collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, he began organizing specialized training courses and workshops to train educators and volunteers to provide the best services for the special needs.

It is easy to surrender to the pain of losing a family, but Othman demonstrated a powerful example of strength and resilience. He proved that everyone is capable of making a difference, and it should be a duty to brighten the path for the upcoming generations.

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